Friday, March 13, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Con Man - Tudyk and Fillion together again!

So someone asked me why they needed to support "Con Man" when they have already surpassed their funding goal. Well, it's important because this is a show. Shows only succeed if people watch. So there is that. Plus, the funding goal was for the production of 3 episodes, but Alan Tudyk has written enough material for around 12 episodes. More money means more episodes. Plus this is creator owned television programming. This could mean a lot to the future of how we watch television and how we control what gets put on the air and what gets cancelled. This is important life changing stuff. It needs to be as successful as possible. The modest funding goal is nothing compared to the millions of dollars that get pumped into television series by the networks. We really have to pull together and show the networks that we want to have a say in what we watch on TV ... and if they won't listen then we will just produce the shows ourselves!!

Please, support Con Man. And even if you can't do anything financially share the link and spread the word.


Keep Flying!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heroes Wanted Looks AWESOME!!

This is the Expansion on Kickstarter right now!!

I missed this game the first time around. Did you? Do you think this game looks as AWESOME as I do? You are in luck! The Kickstarter includes pledge levels that will get you the original game plus all the expansions in addition to Stuff of Legend!

Watch some reviews! This game looks like the best thing ever!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Board Game Christmas!

This isn't a real post ... it's just a note to say that I had something of a board game Christmas. Among my Christmas booty was:

Little Dungeon - Turtle Rock

D&D Attack Wing - Wave 1 x 2

Garden Dice

King of New York

Dig Down Dwarf

Sentinel Tactics - The Flame of Freedom

Sentinel Tactics - The Flame of Freedom Miniatures


Sentinel Tactics Uprising


Sentinel Tactics Uprising Miniatures


 Image is from the Kickstarter when the game was called, "Zu" ... changed to gadZOOks!

Wow ... so, I will try to write up some reviews of these games as I get a chance to play them!

Merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


So, I was the victim of my first malicious blog comment today. Sure, I get spam content. The odd advertisement for Viagra. But, this was different. It seemed someone just wanted to post something unkind on my blog for no reason.

And I realize that there may be little that can be done to police this kind of activity. And in a way, I am flattered. I figure you're not a real "celebrity" (LOL) until someone attacks you. So, I have left the comment up as a sort of badge of honor.  I've now undergone that right of passage ... cool.

I have added Disqus to my site to track comments. Please let me know if it makes the commenting process overly cumbersome. In the past, I haven't used any kind of comment screening and just kept up with the spam myself manually.